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Prime Ionizer 901S Undercounter Alkaline Water Ionizer

Prime Ionizer 901S Undercounter Alkaline Water Ionizer

(9 customer reviews)


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WHAT IS IONIZED ALKALINE WATER: Ionized alkaline water is water with a pH of over 7, that has been ionized with the help of the Prime 901S Ionizer, thus ensuring you and your family can drink the purest water possible directly from your Prime Faucet.

BENEFITS OF DRINKING IONIZED ALKALINE WATER: It has amazing antioxidant potential as it neutralizes the acidity which is caused by acidic foods & drinks in your digestive system. It helps you reach an optimal hydration level, balances your food cravings, it gives you a boost of energy that lasts the entire day, and strengthens your immune system. These are advantages that tap or bottled water are unable to provide!

HOW IT WORKS: The water that goes through the Prime 901S Ionizer is purified with the help of a complex system comprised out of an electrolysis chamber, 9 platinum and titanium electrodes, and dual active carbon filters with tourmaline balls which removes chlorine, heavy metals, and any toxic chemicals, while ensuring that the resulted water is the healthiest and most delicious option you and your dear ones can enjoy.

SUITABLE FOR EVERYDAY USE: Once installed, at the push of a button, you will have access to:

  • Purified water with the highest antioxidant potential possible – in your own kitchen
  • 4 levels of alkaline water, which can be chosen based on your preferences (with a pH level of 7-11)
  • 3 levels of acid water, also easy to program – this option has amazing skin and hair benefits!

EASY TO USE: Simply push a button and hold out your glass. That’s it!

pay in monthly instalments: 10 x £199.50


To lead a healthy life, we have to make the best choices, starting with the water that we drink and without having to make any compromises regarding our kitchen decor. The Prime 901S Undercounter Ionizer is an excellent option if you would like to invest in an efficient device that will offer you access to alkaline water anytime, in the comfort of your own home, without needing to redesign your kitchen.


  • It includes the Prime Faucet with a touchscreen display and an elegant design
  • Colour displays of pH, alkaline/acid water levels, number of litres of filter life left in each filter
  • 9 Platinum coated Titanium plates
  • Multi-level electrolysis chamber
  • Smart touch panel
  • Complete auto-diagnosis system
  • 1680 programmable pH and ORP levels
  • Hygienic auto-draining system
  • Pre & Post self-cleaning system
  • Premium multi-stage media dual filtration system
  • MAX power SMPS system
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Made in South Korea


  • Cutting edge technology for high-performance alkaline water ionizers
  • Antioxidant alkaline water at the touch of a button
  • Excellent levels of molecular hydrogen, pH, and ORP
  • The Prime 901S Ionizer has a compact design and takes up minimal space, under the sink
  • Large high-performance mesh plates
  • Easy to use touchscreen display
  • The 1680 settings available can be configured for any source of water

♦ For more information or any questions you may have please do not hesitate to use the chat option.

Why Invest in a Prime 901S Undercounter Ionizer?

Without a doubt, all Prime water ionizers provide alkaline water of superior quality, regardless if you opt for undercounter or on the counter devices. The main difference between these two products is that the undercounter ionizer is a more suitable choice if you prefer having more space available on your kitchen counter.

9 reviews for Prime Ionizer 901S Undercounter Alkaline Water Ionizer

  1. Catalin Balan

    The PRIME 901S ionizer is the best option I found on the internet, plus unlike others, I didn’t have to wait a few weeks, but it was delivered to me in just 2-3 days. My wife insisted on the faucet version to save space on the kitchen counter and the elegant look it gives to the kitchen.

  2. Hans

    Best Alkaline Ionizer i have ever used! Worth every penny.

  3. Rebecca Carter

    I like my PRIME water ionizer. I ordered it first with my health and family in mind when I learned about the benefits of ionized alkaline water. In the past, because of the problems I had with digestion, I used various methods of filtering water. Now all those problems are forgotten and in addition I feel like my energy level is much higher. Before choosing this ionizer, I made a lot of research on water ionizers, and now I recommend the PRIME 901S ionizer to all my friends and acquaintances. It is very easy to use, and the digital battery is very elegant and gives a modern air to my kitchen.

  4. Carla

    I’ve chosen a 901S ionizer with mounting under the sink because I wanted something elegant that would not take up too much space in the kitchen. The digital faucet really looks good and in addition, it is practical and easy to use.

  5. Mihai Parnic

    I bought the ionizer a few months ago. I asked a friend to install it for me at the cafe, it was very simple. Since then I don’t buy bottled water anymore, I don’t have to carry it from Asda. It is clean, filtered, has a good taste and a positive pH (checked by a friend with special test paper). I also attach some pictures. Do you want to taste it? I invite you to Boema Cafe in Wembley Park. The first glass is free, the second double (I’m joking!).

  6. Isaak Fellingham

    A few days ago, I ordered the ionizer and the battery, yesterday I received them and this morning the engineer has install it for me. I’ve already drunk two liters of water. ? I am very pleased with the taste and purity of the water. For now, I am only drinking alkaline water on level 1, I can’t wait for a few days to pass to level 2.

  7. Stephen S.

    I am very satisfied with the PRIME 901S ionizer with digital battery control. The faucet looks good and no one guesses that the ionizer is under the counter. It’s great to have ionized alkaline water … on tap.

  8. Gabriel Roveno

    If you are thinking of ordering a water ionizer, PRIME 901S is the best choice. I recommend you, if it suits you, the version with under counter mounting, with digital battery. It worth 100%

  9. Emma D.

    I ordered my ionizer a few weeks ago and it arrived quicker than I thought. Any questions I had, the team at Alkaline Prime answered them right away. Thanks! My whole family has been drinking alkaline ionized water for two weeks now. Even the kids ask for water more often!

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