The Best Solution For Your Home Investing in an Alkaline Prime Water Ionizer means having access to healthy water at the push of a button!

The New Generation of Prime Water Ionizers Uses Cutting Edge Technology

High Performance Mesh Plates

The large platinum titanium plates deliver the best alkaline water into your own home.

Max Power SMPS System

Efficient use of ionizing power for the healthiest water at the push of a button.

Multi Stage Dual Filtration System

Activated carbon filters combined with Biostone ceramic balls are responsible for pure alkaline water.

Auto Diagnosis System

All internal operating systems are monitored at all times to immediately notify users of any possible issue.

Auto Draining System

The machine is kept free of water when not in use to prevent scale or bacteria build-up.

Wide Smart Touch Panel

Full-colour display of all indicators (pH, ORC, accurate number of liters associated with filter life, etc.).

The New Generation of Prime Water Ionizers Contributes to Your Well Being

One should consume daily about 3-4 liters of alkaline water to reach an optimal hydration level. Our water ionizers rely on mesh platinum covered titanium plates, which are designed to be better than plates that have a flat surface. The reason? Our cutting edge technology makes these plates more durable and stable against oxidation or damage.

Among the advantages associated with this new generation of ionizers, we would like to mention:

  • Better waterflow

  • It minimizes energy costs due to the high level of efficiency associated with platinum

  • Exceptional electrolysis process as a result of relying on top quality titanium and platinum

Prime Water Ionizers clean the electrodes each time the device makes alkaline water

The heart of the water ionizer is its elecrolysis chamber, which can provide the best results only by benefiting from optimal functioning conditions. To reach this objective every single time the device is used, the ionizer has its own automated cleaning system as well as an auto draining system.

The automated cleaning cycle is necessary before and after utilizing the ionizer, which is why it relies on a precleaning and a postcleaning process (this one takes place after you have used the machine). The inovation brought to you by Prime Ionizers is the full evacuation of the remaining water, which is removed from the electrolysis chamber, thus leaving it empty.

  • It is not necessary for you to manually clean your ionizer or constantly worry about this aspect – once you have installed your machine, you don’t have to do anything other than just enjoy healthy alkaline water. That’s it!

  • It helps expand the life of the ionizer’s electrodes

  • It keeps the device free of bacteria and germs

Fully Adjustable Power System SMPS (450 W)

Prime Water Ionizers rely on cutting edge technologie for its Max Power System SMPS of up to 450 W.

The result?

Our clients benefit from advantages like:

  • stability

  • improved efficiency of the device

  • exceptional pH and ORP levels

  • no risk of electrodes dealing with overload, thus increasing their durability

Multi Stage Dual Filtration System

We know how important it is to ensure the alkaline water you drink is not only healthy, but also delicious. Which is why the ionizers you can find at Alkaline Prime come with a performant dual filtration system, which was one of the top priorities during our research.  

The Prime Water ionizers rely on a complex, multi stage filtration system that does not only purify water by eliminating harmful substances, but it is also responsible for the savoury taste of the water that passes through it.  

It is made out of activated carbon filters, with multiple layers that contain Biostone ceramic balls (tourmaline crystal, which is also known as a Ceylonese magnet).

Install your own Prime Water Ionizer and benefit from high quality alkaline water in your own home!