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About Us

We believe in living a healthy life

Drinking water is a basic survival requirement, but drinking clean, filtered, alkaline water is your chance of leading a healthy, high quality life! The idea of promoting the concept of water quality as in what we should be consuming is the result of having tested something better on ourselves.

Why do I still feel tired, although I choose a healthy diet?

The answer is pretty straightforward: alkaline water and an alkaline diet are the perfect, balanced duo that offers us the desired results.

In a world where chemicals, fried foods, carbonated drinks and pre-made coffee with all sorts of flavours, the concept of leading a healthy life is invisible based on the current values we use as guidance. The agressive marketing campaigns of the food and drinks industry blind us and convince us that we will have a better life only if we consume their products…but the result is not the one we would expect. We prefer buying bags of immunity supplements instead of making healthier choices.

Alkaline Prime was created with hope. Hope that we can do better!

We want to make a difference, which is why we offer you a collection of modern water ionizers meant to radically improve the quality of your life. The fact that tap water or bottled water are not the healthiest choices is no longer a well-kept secret, regardless if we are talking about the effects it has on your body short- or longterm.

We know that the decisions you make today lead you towards a predefined tomorrow. When we are at our best, we feel like we could rule the world. How can you make sure that you feel this way every single day?

We are responsible for our choices. It is not easy to make changes, but we come to your aid with the most efficient, easy to use, durable water ionizers with a smart touch panel. After installing it, regardless if you have chosen an undercounter ionizer or one that is mounted on the sink, you will benefit from an optimal level of hydration as a result of relying on this innovative device.

How did we pick these specific ionizers?

Prime 901s Water Ionizer

In 2018 we started an extensive market research process. We knew that something needed to be done at a global level regarding the quality of the water we consume and we were convinced that we could find water ionizers designed to offer the desired advantages while being sold at a more than affordable price.

Today, we can say that we have found the best products on the market, that rely on an incredible filtration system, that purifies water and optimizes its pH level. The quality of the materials used for these ionizers, the implementation of cutting edge technology for water processing, the ease of use, their auto-diagnostication system, the high number of possible settings and quick access to alkaline water were certainly decisive selection criteria that have helped us choose these exceptional products!

Alkaline Prime is your source of quality alkaline water!

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