Water Ionizer PRIME LC-11 for commercial use

Water Ionizer PRIME LC-11 for commercial use


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Introducing the LC-11 – an eleven plate ionizer designed to meet the high-volume demands of commercial establishments.

With more plates, the LC-11 boasts greater surface area, increased power, and a higher capacity water flow, delivering alkaline water at an impressive rate of 5L/min.

Perfect for water stores, large offices, restaurants, training camps, and any setting requiring a high-volume output.

This machine combines functionality and stylish design, making it an ideal choice for personal use, while its hose attachment allows for easy filling of bottles up to 5 gallons.

Upgrade to the AlQua Prime Water Ionizer LC 11 CT today and experience the benefits of alkaline water like never before.

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Water Ionizer PRIME LC-11 – the perfect light commercial water ionizer for your business. With more power and larger plates than its competitors, it offers purified ionized alkaline water that everyone will thank you for.

The PRIME LC-11 boasts a whopping 11 plates, which means more antioxidant power and higher capacity use, making it perfect for high-demand situations. And it gets better – with a filtration capacity of 5L/min, you can pour more glasses of water per hour, and with its stylish and intuitive design, it offers a perfect blend of functionality and style. It comes with an attachable nozzle for easy filling of larger containers, ensuring accessibility meets affordability.


  • Max large plates – New larger 11 plates
  • MAX Next Generation SMPS 450 W Power System
  • Max Cool – Super Cooling System
  • Smart & Premium Touch button
  • Sleek &  Compact design
  • Advanced Micom computer system
  • Widest range of  pH and ORP
  • Dual internal filters with filtration system
  • BPA Free tubing installation
  • Complete auto-diagnosis system

PRIME Water Ionizers with Mesh Plate – the ultimate solution for delivering purified alkaline water.

With a sophisticated electrical current system, our ionizer utilizes a series of positively and negatively charged Platinum coated Titanium plates to enhance the water’s pH and ORP.

As the water passes through the advanced Titanium Mesh system, it is electrically charged, resulting in a higher pH and ORP level, especially when powered by our latest SMPS power systems.

With each passing cycle, the water’s purification level is maximized, delivering high-quality, ionized alkaline water like never before.

New Larger Ultra Efficient Multi-Level Electrolysis chambers

Max Power SMPS System

premium multi-stage media dual filtration system

smart& premium touch button & full size wide color panel

1280 programmable pH and ORP levels

hygienic auto draining system

pre & post self cleaning system

easy & smart 8 languages available


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