i-Water Classic Portable 600 Replacement Filter

i-Water Classic Portable 600 Replacement Filter


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This filter is compatible with the I-Water Portable 600 Alkaline Hydrogen Ionizer Bottle.

When the mineral balls turn silver again, throw away the water and rinse 2~3 times with clean water.

We recommend you to change the filter every 1 year.


Cleaning method:

In the process of purification, like water, the mineral balls can change their colour through oxidation. This fact is harmless to the user, but periodic cleaning is recommended.

Pour water, adding four tablespoons of vinegar (~ 20 ml), until the filter is completely covered.

Screw on the cap, shake at least 5 times, open the cap and leave the bottle open for 2 min.

Careful! Leave the lid open. Washing with this method will produce bubbles and gases.

If you do not open the lid, due to the emitted gas, the pressure increases and defects may occur at the level of the lid.


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