Water Ionizer PRIME 901S Countertop

Water Ionizer PRIME 901S Countertop


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WHAT IS IONIZED ALKALINE WATER: Ionized alkaline water is water that has been ionized with the help of the PRIME 901S Ionizer, thus ensuring you and your family can drink the purest water possible, that contains important minerals and has a pH of over 7.

BENEFITS OF DRINKING IONIZED ALKALINE WATER: It neutralizes acidity which is caused by acidic foods and drinks in your digestive system. It helps you reach an optimal hydration level, it gives you a boost of energy that lasts throughout the entire day and strengthens your immune system. These are advantages that tap or bottled water are unable to provide!

HOW IT WORKS: Water that goes through the PRIME 901S Ionizer is purified with the help of a complex system comprised out of an electrolysis chamber, 9 platinum and titanium electrodes, and dual active carbon filters with tourmaline balls which removes chlorine, heavy metals, and any toxic chemicals, while ensuring that the resulted water is the healthiest and most delicious option you and your dear ones can enjoy.

SUITABLE FOR EVERYDAY USE: Once installed, at the touch of a button, you will have access to:

  • Purified water with the highest antioxidant potential possible – in your own kitchen
  • 4 levels of alkaline water, which can be chosen based on your preferences (with a pH level of 7-11)
  • 3 levels of acid water, also easy to program – this option has amazing skin and hair benefits!

EASY TO USE: Simply push a button and hold out your glass. That’s it!

pay in interest free monthly instalments: 8 x £199.50


Do you know the feeling you get when you drink a glass of water that truly quenches your thirst? What if you would experience the same feeling every single time you drink water? For optimal hydration, multiple installation options and the chance to make an investment for your wellbeing, you can count on the PRIME 901S Water Ionizer that can be placed on the counter or under the counter (if you also purchase the Prime Faucet). You can enjoy the countless benefits associated with alkaline water, every single day, in your own home.

  • Colour displays of pH, alkaline/acid water levels, number of litres of filter life left in each filter
  • 9 Platinum coated Titanium plates
  • Multi-level electrolysis chamber
  • Smart touch panel
  • Complete auto-diagnosis system
  • 1680 programmable pH and ORP levels
  • Hygienic auto-draining system
  • Pre & Post self-cleaning system
  • Premium multi-stage media dual filtration system
  • MAX power SMPS system
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Made in South Korea
  • Cutting edge technology for high-performance alkaline water ionizers
  • Antioxidant alkaline water at the touch of a button
  • Excellent levels of molecular hydrogen, pH and ORP
  • The PRIME 901S Water Ionizer has a compact design and takes up minimal space, under the sink
  • Large high-performance mesh plates
  • Easy to use touchscreen display
  • The 1680 settings available can be configured for any source of water
♦ For more information or any questions you may have please do not hesitate to use the chat option.
Why Invest in a PRIME 901S Undercounter Water Ionizer?

There is absolutely no difference in terms of quality when it comes to the alkaline water provided by the PRIME 901S Ionizer, regardless if you choose the undercounter option or on the countertop one. The choice you can make in this case is purely related to your kitchen décor. The good news is that PRIME products have an elegant and compact design, which makes it easier for you to pick an option based on your personal preferences!


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