Black Bottle | Miron Violet Glass Bottle

Black Bottle | Miron Violet Glass Bottle


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WHAT IS IONIZED ALKALINE WATER: Water that goes through our Prime Water 901S Ionizer will turn into a fantastic drink. This simply means that when you drink ionized alkaline water, you benefit from water that has a high pH level (over 7), which is delicious, healthy, and pure. With the push of a button, you can turn regular water into alkaline water. It’s better to drink it as soon as the ionizer produces it. But what can you do when you are away? Rely on our black bottle, of course!

BENEFITS OF DRINKING IONIZED ALKALINE WATER EVERY DAY: It keeps you properly hydrated as it is easily absorbed by your body. Alkaline water keeps you energized the entire day, it keeps your body in an optimal condition as it neutralizes the acidity of certain foods and drinks. The best part of it all: it boosts your immune system! These benefits are only associated with water that is produced with the help of an ionizer. Tap or bottled water will never match these benefits – on the contrary!

HOW IT WORKS: The black bottle is designed to maintain the amazing properties of ionized alkaline water for longer periods of time due to the special kind of glass that it is made of. More specifically, when you want to drink ionized alkaline water while you are on the move, you can enjoy the same taste, freshness, purity, and healthy, odorless water if you drink it from our Miron glass bottle.

PORTABLE FOR EVERYDAY USE: Our black bottle will ensure that you are properly hydrated throughout the day. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around even if you go to work, gym, school and so on. Remove plastic bottles from your life and make the best choice in regards to the water that you and your family drink. Alkaline water will change your life!

EASY TO USE: Make ionized alkaline water with our Prime Water 901S Ionizer, fill the black bottle with it and take it with you. Now you can enjoy alkaline water with the best properties, including its high antioxidant potential, even when you are not at home!


There is nothing better than knowing you are making the best choices for yourself and your family. What about the water that you drink? Ionized alkaline water can change your life, as soon as you start drinking it.

What if you don’t have access to the water provided by your ionizer?

Our black bottle is made out of a special kind of glass, which is designed to preserve the properties of the alkaline water produced by a water ionizer. You can take it with you everywhere you go!


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