Top acid water benefits and uses for a healthy life

Top acid water benefits and uses for a healthy life

Acid water or acid ionized water (which is obtained with the help of a prime water ionizer) has a low pH and countless uses. You can count on it in so many areas of your life. As soon as you learn just what sort of benefits it comes with, you will not know how you have lived without it until now! To make things even clearer, alkaline water and acid water are both on the same spectrum, but at opposite sides. Alkaline water has a pH of over 7, while acid water – under 7.
In short, your Prime water ionizer will help you, with the push of a button, to gain access to either alkaline water, which is amazing for drinking and cooking purposes, or acid water which has health and beauty uses.
Acid water is amazing for your skin
You can use it daily on your face as it has astringent properties and it will offer you the chance to have clean skin without needing to use any sort of chemicals. Just use a clean cotton pad and see for yourself how easy it is to keep your skin in a fantastic condition. It is even better for individuals that have issues with their skin such as a dry, patchy complexion, psoriasis, or even eczema. As soon as you start using acid ionized water on your skin, you will benefit from milder symptoms associated with the problems mentioned above. Studies have even shown it helps heal wounds faster.
Silky hair, no more dandruff, clean teeth…what more could you want?
The problem with washing your hair using regular water (the one you have on tap) is that it builds deposits on your hair, while drying it out and forcing you to use all sorts of chemicals and beauty products to restore its beauty. When you wash and rinse it with acid water, your hair is simply radiant, while your scalp is clean. You can even say goodbye to dandruff. Keeping your teeth free of plaque and your entire mouth free of germs is an easy job for acid ionized water. You can even use it to gargle when you are dealing with a sore throat. You’ll no longer need to rely on under the counter sprays or pills that help with this kind of issue.
Enjoy a clean home, bacteria-free food and healthy plants
Cleaning your home is usually difficult especially when you need to deal with the harsh chemicals one can find in cleaning solutions. But, what if you could use acid water to wash and sterilize everything in your house, including your cutting boards, all sorts of kitchen tools, and all types of surfaces? While washing your fruit and vegetables is a standard rule, it is a known fact that regular water does not kill bacteria. Instead, water with a low pH will certainly do the trick. At the same time, if you want to offer the plants in your home a great environment in which they can grow, while pests are kept at bay, again – acid water is your friend!
What if you could have access to both acid and alkaline water in your own home?
With the help of a Prime Water ionizer, you would be able to control the pH of the water that comes out of your tap, regardless if it’s for cooking, drinking, or even for sanitizing your entire home!  We have a special offer right now! Click here and take advantage of it while it still lasts!
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