Alkaline water vs. ionized alkaline water

Alkaline water vs. ionized alkaline water

It is a known fact that water is essential to our wellbeing. But, does it matter if you choose to drink tap water, bottled water, alkaline water, or even ionized alkaline water? Absolutely! It would be a mistake to believe that drinking any kind of water is enough to keep you healthy. Today, we are going to provide some in-depth insight regarding the options you can choose from when you want to benefit from optimal hydration and other amazing benefits.

Did you know that even the slightest level of dehydration can have a major impact on your mood, level of energy and even state of mind? This is why it would be recommended that you don’t just drink enough water, but pick the option with the advantages that are most beneficial for your overall health.
What is alkaline water all about?

Simply put, alkaline water has a pH level over 7 (which is the pH level of regular water) and it can be found in springs or wells from areas where there are minerals dissolved in the actual water. There are also recipes (such as the ones you can find here) with baking soda or lemon and even drops you can use to change the pH of the water. You may even find it sold in bottles. BUT, none of these options are worth your while.

If you have already heard about this kind of water and just how good it is for you, you probably imagine that pH and alkalinity are one and the same. Although it is easy to confuse the two, they are not the same. pH is a parameter that shows just how alkaline or acidic is your water.  Another parameter that you should be interested in is ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential, which helps determine the quality of the water that you are drinking. You should opt for water with a high pH and a negative ORP ( the lower the value of this parameter, the better as it shows that your water has amazing antioxidant properties). There is only one way you can control these factors – a Prime Water Ionizer.

Ionized alkaline water is far superior to regular alkaline water

There are a few main differences that one should understand regarding this specific water option. An important aspect would be that you can get ionized water on tap with the help of an ionizer. We are talking about a device that relies on an electrolysis process to provide you with water that has high antioxidant potential. Although this is an amazing advantage – unfortunately, it does not keep.

That’s why an ionizer is an ideal solution. That’s how you can make sure you drink fresh ionized alkaline water that comes with all the right benefits. You can enjoy it in your own home, whenever you want to. The water goes through the process mentioned above each time you use the ionizer, thus ensuring its high antioxidant potential.

With the help of a Prime Water Ionizer, you can have access to both alkaline and acidic water at the tap of a button. The alkaline option is the best approach for your health, especially when combined with an alkaline diet. Meanwhile, acidic water has phenomenal effects on your skin which can be noticed right away.

A Prime Water ionizer offers you complete control over the quality, taste, and alkalinity of the water that you are drinking – all that being available to you in your own kitchen. How would you like to drink fresh ionized alkaline water in the comfort of your own home? We have a special offer right now! Click here and take advantage of it while it still lasts!

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