How much water should you drink a day to stay healthy?

How much water should you drink a day to stay healthy?

How much water should you drink a day to stay healthy? You’ve probably heard that you should drink 8 glasses of water daily to stay healthy, but do you know why? The answer to this question may surprise you. We discuss the importance of hydration and how much water you should drink daily here.

The benefits of staying hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for your body in many ways. Water aids digestion, helps regulate body temperature, and ensures that all body systems function properly. Drinking enough water can also help reduce stress and keep you alert during the day. Here are some general guidelines about how much water to drink each day: 1-2 liters for women and 2-3 liters for men.

The recommended daily intake of water

You should drink about 8-10 8-ounce glasses of water a day for optimal hydration. Drinking alkaline water can also help balance your pH level, which is great for staying healthy and strong. Water helps flush out toxins from the body, so it could make your skin and nails dry when you don’t drink enough or get enough rest.

The signs of dehydration

Dehydration may be one of the most common maladies affecting people today. It’s often mistakenly attributed to tiredness, headache, dizziness, fatigue and acidity. Still, the key signs of dehydration are dry mouth, lips and eyes, infrequently passing small amounts of urine, dry skin and often dry hair. Doctors typically encourage eight glasses of water daily for men and seven for women.

The best ways to stay hydrated

There are many ways to stay hydrated. Drinking water is the most common and effective way, but there are other options. Tea and fruits can also help keep you hydrated, but be sure not to add additional sugars. Alkaline water is another option that has become popular recently as it contains minerals that can help your immune system fight off illness.

Where can I get alkaline water?

Probably the most accessible possibility would be to buy bottled alkaline from a supermarket or a corner shop. Bottled alkaline water is also an excellent source of hydration and frequently contains other additives that help quench thirst. However, there are still many opinions that raise big questions about the purity of bottled water in plastic bottles, particularly about the real qualities of bottled alkaline water.

The high price, the inconvenience of the purchase, and the concerns about plastic pollution increase our doubts.

Yes, we must admit that alkaline water from stores is not cheap. If we calculate the volume of water that doctors recommend us to drink, at water consumption of 2 litres per day, it results in at least 730 litres annually. Now think about the water needed in a household with 2-3 people!

This means an enormous volume of bottles to carry and store at home. If we think that the alkaline water in stores is quite expensive, all those water bottles mean a small fortune to spend. Let’s not think about the mountain of plastic that will be left behind us. It is already far too much.

Is there any alternative?

Yes, it is possible. Water ionizer machines can provide clean, alkaline water for drinking at home. The best option for most people is to have alkaline water on their faucet in the kitchen.
Is it necessary to remind you how convenient it is to get rid of all that mountain of plastic bottles you carry home and then throw them away, hoping they will be recycled? Many might say that a water ionizer is an expensive device. However, suppose you think about their long life time (a few years guaranty) and compare it to the money you spend today on bottled water. In that case, you will come to the conclusion that a water ionizer is the most economical solution.

Let’s face it. A water ionizer is the most economical, convenient and ecological way to have ionized alkaline water right at your home. And here is an example of a high-performance water ionizer – Prime 901S, which comes in two versions: the version on the counter or the version under the counter (with digital faucet included). Both variants have a 5-year warranty, are available immediately, have free delivery, and can be paid in installments.

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  1. Gabrielle Chapman
    21-August-2023 at 14:13 pm

    Is there a recommended maximum consumption? I heard that drinking too much water can be harmful to health.

    1. Daniel - Alkaline Prime
      21-August-2023 at 16:26 pm

      Even if the need for water differs from person to person depending on several factors, some mentioned in this article, the amount of water that could harm in any way is considerable and probably no one drinks that much water. However, doctors draw attention to the fact that it is not the total amount drunk that is harmful, but a large amount of water drunk in a very short time, which could exceed the normal processing capacity of the kidneys.

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