3 Proven Methods to Control Cravings & Enjoy Healthy Weight Loss

3 Proven Methods to Control Cravings & Enjoy Healthy Weight Loss

You CAN control cravings and witness real, yet healthy weight loss. Have you ever just looked in the mirror and couldn’t understand how those extra pounds piled on? Honestly? We allow it. We simply condone those late-night snacks, eating unhealthy food, drinking anything but water, and so on, while hoping that our body doesn’t process all of this into fat.

Excuses? Oh, we have plenty of those! I’m too busy, too tired, I hate healthy food, I can’t drink water because it makes me feel sick. And the list goes on. My favorite – “I feel ill and lightheaded if I crave something sweet and don’t eat something.”

What if you could get back in control of your cravings?

Yes, it’s possible and not that complicated. This doesn’t mean that you should look into a quick fix such as taking some supplements that suppress food cravings – that’s the worst decision possible! There are a few reasons why you should not consider this kind of solution.

  1. It might work right then and there – while you are taking the pills. When you stop taking the pills, the food cravings will be back.
  2. Although they suppress your cravings, this doesn’t mean you will lose weight if you keep making the same lifestyle choices.
  3. These craving suppressants come with side effects such as digestive problems (nausea, constipation, stomach pain and so on), insomnia, nervousness and so on.
Let’s move on to healthy weight loss!

First of all, you need to go straight to the root of the problem. What are you doing that’s ruining your metabolism?

You don’t consider your nutrition a priority, thus waiting until you get incredibly hungry and eat whatever comes in handy, all while substituting water with coffee, fizzy drinks and whatnot.

Let’s pursue real change for healthy weight loss!

Don’t wait until you are really hungry

Yes, but you are so busy and you always juggle with so many things that require your attention. Devoting time to actually plan your meals can’t fit into your schedule, right? Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way. You don’t need more than 30 minutes per week to make a plan for you and your family. Just make a simple template (you can find a free one here) and write down the time and the food you are going to enjoy. This will prevent you from making impulse choices when it comes to your nutrition.

Prepare your meals ahead of time

It might seem like a lot of work, but it all depends on how organized you are. As long as you have already written down ideas for your meals, you are down to buying the ingredients and a bit of cooking. Prepare enough food for 2-3 days at a time. You’ll see for yourself just how relieved you will be knowing that the nutrition part is already handled for you and your loved ones! For instance, our Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Leaves recipe is great for meal prepping.

Drink water

Again, water is ESSENTIAL! More importantly, quality of water is primordial. Alkaline water is the best choice you could make for your well-being. Your entire family can take advantage of the never-ending list of benefits associated with ionized alkaline water. One of the most important ones being the fact that it truly quenches your thirst, while helping your brain differentiate hunger from thirst. When you feel that you could eat something, take pleasure in a tall glass of alkaline water and you’ll forget about any cravings!

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