Ionized water helps you lead a healthy life

Ionized water helps you lead a healthy life

When you think about ionized alkaline water, you don’t imagine that the only way you can make ionized water is with the help of a water ionizer. There is no other solution to this dilemma. Yes, alkaline water is better for you, but ionized alkaline water is the best option for leading a healthy life!

What is so special about ionized water?

It’s water that has mineral ions in it. The best part about it is that it reduces oxidative damage, which simply means it has Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Ionized alkaline water is known as a great way to reduce damage to tissues or DNA, due to the fact that it fights against harmful substances and their oxidation effect. Learn more about this here. Ionized acidic water increases oxidation, which leads to it being known as a great sanitizing liquid, which can be used instead of home cleaning products.

How can ionized water help you lead a healthy life?
  1. Healthy weight:

When you drink the right kind of water, your body no longer confuses thirst with hunger, thus making it easier for you to eat just when you feel hungry. At the same time, it boosts your metabolism, forcing it to burn the fat instead of turning what you eat into extra pounds. If you combine it with healthy eating and exercise, the results are going to amaze you!

  1. Healthy digestive system

Health, immunity – it all starts with your gut. It has been proven that many chronic diseases are related to gut health. Nevertheless, what is the only water that helps beneficial probiotic bacteria, while killing out the harmful ones? You’ve guessed it – ionized alkaline water! To ensure you don’t have an upset stomach or digestive system, it would be recommended to switch to ionized water. That alone will offer you the relief you need!

  1. Clean food

It is a known fact that fruit and vegetables have bacteria all over them, not to mention pesticides and other harmful substances. The best way to ensure that your food is clean and healthy for safe consumption would be to soak it for 10-20 minutes in ionized water and then rinse it.

  1. Optimal hydration

The feeling that you are always forgetting things, that you are always tired, can’t focus and your skin looks dry – can all go away as soon as you benefit from optimal hydration. The symptoms described above are associated with dehydration, which is more common than one might think. The best water option that helps you live a healthy life is obviously – ionized alkaline water.

  1. Healthy hair

Since the hair has an acidic pH, washing it with regular water and using shampoo (which has a high pH) will damage and weaken it. The good news is that you can try the ionized acidic water rinse, a simple solution that will close the hair follicle, strengthen it, and give it that glossy look.

Who knew that the right kind of water can change your life? Ionized water can make a  real difference in your life!

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