Benefits Associated with Optimal Hydration

5 Benefits Associated with Optimal Hydration

5 Benefits Associated with Optimal Hydration

Drinking more water, the source of life, is everyone’s recommendation – doctors, nutritionists, the people around you. It’s the first piece of advice that you are given regardless of the issues you may be confronted with. Do you have a headache? Drink water. Do you feel lightheaded? Drink water. Do you feel hungry all the time? Your body confuses thirst with hunger.

What you don’t hear is that the quality of the water you drink is what will have the biggest impact on your overall health and state of mind. Alkaline water is what you should opt for instead of tap or bottled water.

What kind of benefits are associated with optimal hydration?

    1. Energy: this is one of the first improvements you will notice once you start drinking healthy, filtered water with the right pH level. In a matter of days, you will realize that you are a different person. An important fact one needs to understand is that when you are even 5% dehydrated, your body can’t work properly. That’s why the lack of water leads to headaches. You’ll feel tired, hired and will easily lose your motivation.
    2. Weight loss: an interesting side-effect of properly hydrating yourself is noticing that you no longer need as much food as you used to. That is due to the fact that your body asks for water and food at the same time – when energy levels are low. But, when you are truly hydrated, you will not feel the need to eat as much or as often.
    3. Healthy skin: our cells are able to function as they should only when they benefit from enough water. When we are dehydrated, our bodies keep water reserves for our internal organs. But, once you start hydrating yourself, you will notice significant changes regarding the appearance of your skin. Your skin, which is affected by issues like acne, eczema, breakouts and so on, will begin showing improvements.
    4. Balanced pH: it’s essential to understand that our body is alkaline, but has acidic functions (for example, our stomach needs to be acidic to be able to digest food). When eating acidic food such as carbonated drinks, pizza, alcohol, dairy, meat and so on, our body is overwhelmed by the extra work it needs to do to maintain its alkalinity. Fortunately, alkaline water helps tremendously!
    5. Anti-aging effects: the aging process is influenced by our level of dehydration and acidic diet choices. That is why opting for alkaline water will help with optimal hydration and will flush out all toxins, thus enabling us to enjoy a rejuvenating process. You won’t believe just how differently you will feel once you begin hydrating yourself.

    It is recommended that you at least begin making healthier choices to ensure that you will live an amazing life. The best approach would be to drink more water. Here, at Alkaline Prime, we are all about the healthiest water possible and living your best life, which is why we have done our research and have brought to you the best ionizers at just the right price.

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