Top 3 essential reasons why alkaline water is best

Top 3 essential reasons why alkaline water is best

While living in the century of speed, slowing down was never an option. We always needed to do more and we had to complete all of these tasks yesterday. But, life has a way of showing us that none of these things matter anymore. More than that, the current pandemic has not only slowed us down, but it has offered us an amazing opportunity – to take some time and reflect on what is important. You’ll surely not argue that health is at the top of your priorities; and not only your own, but mostly, the health of your loved ones. Alkaline water that you can have in your own home via your own Prime Water Ionizer is a great place to start when it comes to making better choices.b

It’s great to do your research first, so that you can make an informed decision regarding any major decisions you make for yourself and your family.

Here are the top 3 reasons why alkaline water should be your only choice when it comes to hydration:

  1. It is a great weapon against acid reflux, according to a study (you can read more about it here). Pepsin is well-known for its role in the reflux disease and just how it affects your day to day life. Among the symptoms of this disease, we would like to mention heartburn, having difficulty swallowing and regurgitation. Fortunately, it has been concluded in the study mentioned above that water with a high pH level will fight against this illness.
  2. High blood viscosity can lead to numerous health problems and it is usually only treatable with anticoagulants. But, the good news is that according to a study that was performed on people drinking regular water and alkaline water – the second option helps lower the level of blood viscosity. Here you have more details on the study.
  3. The anti-aging properties associated with this kind of water are going to change your life. Not only will you be drinking water that includes liquid antioxidants meant to prevent cellular damage, but you will feel refreshed after every glass.

How can you have alkaline water on tap? Yes, that is an option and it comes with the most interesting advantages, of which we would like to mention the low cost of healthy water, accessibility (as you can have a glass of water whenever you want) and the chance to rely on acid water for amazing skin. The solution is rather simple: you just pick a Prime Water Ionizer that suits your needs, have it delivered to your door and install it in your own kitchen. That’s how you get the healthiest and most delicious water on tap for your family! We always like to leave the best for last, which is why we will be presenting a 4th reason why you should be looking into a Prime Water Ionizer: it helps boost immunity, which is essential in this time and age. Just imagine all of the processes that are taking place now in your body – being improved. Allow the best water to do its magic!

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